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Strange miracle of plastic surgery on the face of a woman + Phot

معجزه عجیب از جراحی پلاستیک بر صورت یک زن +عکس (2)
All cartilage and bone tissues used in this method has been removed from her body. In this way even for the woman's eyebrows from her hairy skin tissues were used.

Turkey Gaziantep University School of Medicine judge for a 41-year-old woman who had vanished years ago because of severe burns and plastic surgery and new techniques, restored.

Turkey's Anatolia news agency reported that the first surgery of its kind in the world takes place, the organ transplant procedure had not used all the components used in the case of the woman's skin, he was of the skin.

Professor "Mohammad Mvtaf" This innovative surgeon at a press conference after successful surgery "Asiya amazing" 41-year-old Turkish woman, said in the procedure, the patient's own cartilage and bone and skeletal three-dimensional framework of a forearm he micro-surgical method for membrane was grafted to her face. Also for fat under the skin of her face below her belly fat is used.

He said that all the tissues of cartilage and bone used in this method has been removed from her body. In this way even for the woman's eyebrows from her hairy skin tissues were used.

esteem in the community attend.

معجزه عجیب از جراحی پلاستیک بر صورت یک زن +عکس (1)

World Economy

World Economy: The British government's 20-year pattern payment purchase housing, long-term financing is the world's most successful policy. In the UK, 40% of the annual volume of housing loans in the banking system are paid by companies affiliated savings. Escrow companies constructors and home buying resources of the applicants as shareholders of these institutions and multilateral surveillance because depositors and shareholders on the income and expenditure of these companies, credit rather than investment property and building are merely diversionary -Khryd in the loan rate productivity is lower. English housing supply and payment experience, compared to traditional bank loans, with four completely non-inflationary features that include the participation of the borrower in financing the facility and as a result, attract Nqdyngyhay's wisdom. Save companies up to 95 percent of the value of mortgages in the country houses of consumer (non-luxury) facilitates long-term to pay the applicants. So that a portion of these loans to poor coordination with the British government in the form of apartments for rent to purchase it. In this scheme, home buyers until full repayment of the loan, not allowed to sell the property.

Spring Frdnya International Economics: the structure of supply and payment of mortgages in the UK, after two decades of use by the government in the country's most successful global model for financing the purchase of homes has become. "Platform" Ts·hylat- basic structure of loans to buy housing in England, 20 years ago to "cut dependence housing sector to limited credit banks" was designed. During this period, public associations and specialized non-bank to finance property market with the activation arms this segment, 40 percent market housing facilities (in terms of annual volume of loans) to seize and up to 95 percent of the home purchase, loan applicants to pay. Reviews for "Donya-e-Eqtesad" About this platform shows: Building organizations to attract deposits two whole housing applicants and manufacturer, in the form of joint stock companies, the task of securing the necessary funds are responsible for the purchase and construction loans in exchange for it, long-term loan to buy a home pay. Housing facilities of these companies with fundamentally different than banking facilities, the four features are expendable and non-inflationary. First, because depositors, shareholders are companies, lenders, collection agencies from any kind of "Construction activity, Mlkdary and financial measures to its deviant banks are experiencing", banned and only in the loans they purchase or construction activities . It makes long-term housing loans with lower interest rates than bank loans to pay for home buyers and thus cost of the facility to the borrower, especially the poor, cheap. The second feature in the UK's non-bank mortgage "No need for banking resources" constitutes the matter, facilitates market in periods of recession, the credit crisis (financial hardship) protects. The third difference to "absorb liquidity and funding loans from mortgage applicants participation in the process of creating resources" are concerned that the positive outcome of stimulation prevents the price.

The last feature in the UK consumer mortgages, hit the target population, so that shopping facilities in the country in coordination with governments, consumer groups and low-income housing loans are a priority and part of the facility to purchase homes that are rented to families under assigned support is granted. Great Britain over the past two decades have seen a huge boom in housing. Since 1996, average housing prices rose 281 percent across Great Britain, in London, while the value of 501 percent. The greatest benefit is awarded to those who purchased property for rent and received a fixed rent every month. They not only have a good funding source, but after a few years have a much higher price to sell its king. These people have per thousand pounds had been invested 20 years ago, saw the return of capital are roughly equivalent to £ 14987.

Building Societies in UK

Building societies were first established in England in the 19th century and for many years it was assumed responsibility for paying the mortgage. Associations, cooperatives that all its members, regardless of the amount of deposits have the right to express themselves and participate in meetings. All these associations are a member of the British building societies. In 1980, the mortgage was taken from a monopoly building societies and mortgage banks were able to provide. Since 1984 up to now, banks 60 percent share in the provision of mortgage and due to system changes in the group's becoming corporations and acceptance of investments in the past 100 years, the number of associations with previous approaches, from 2286 to 47 Community routing. Although this was a common procedure in which small companies to join large organizations become larger communities with greater access to financial resources, but the process is actually the primary appeal of the Building Societies cassette. The main difference between building societies and banks run by private shareholders that such companies need to make profits, not shares. The result can be lower costs, offer loans at lower interest rates. Associations Building on several grounds economic crises less damage seen: low risk due to restriction of the use of Bazarpvl that on average 30% of their budgets could be money market preparation and focus on the deposits of customers and mortgages, legal restrictions for financial activities; branches with power and high capital; emphasis on profitability and long-term plans for the benefit of their members pay more attention to foreign shareholders.

Utility homes in the UK

Return to UK government agency retirement benefit plans to the retired people or low-income homes, to help them pay the rent. This organization, according to the applicant, age and income all or part of the rent paid. The plan includes several groups not: people over 16 thousand pounds in bank deposits and retired not, people in the home of one of his cousins ​​lived, those who are full-time students are physically impaired and have no children and those living in the UK and looking for work are , refugees or are sponsored or attempted to have migrated from England.

Plans to buy affordable homes in the UK

The plan by the British government to help those who want to buy homes, which are composed of four parts: 1. Buying a home loan of up to 600 thousand pounds, who can use this loan to another house; 2 -Tzmyn mortgages to buy homes up to 600 thousand pounds in the project, the buyer can only 5% house price initially paid; 3. scheme joint ownership by the organizations providing housing, the buyer should be 25 percent to 75 percent of home prices in the first pay the remaining cost of getting a mortgage to pay as rent, 4 plans to buy new homes as mortgage scheme, only 5 percent of the price of the house must first be paid. Few in 1996 when the property was bought or sold, could have predicted, what a huge impact on continued investment in the next few years will be life. The Guardian newspaper reported, two different versions of the British people is recounted in this regard, landlords and capitalists who have been at this for years and have renters who lost their homes and permanent increase in the price of their time to spend Drtnsh .

British housing experiences of winners and losers

Ms. Dagmr Nobel founder member of the Building Societies who was with getting a mortgage from their landlord. But because of paying your installments, in 1996, the building society to reclaim the house two bedroom he began to assess his home and eventually home to 12 Hzarpvnd less than 55 thousand pounds to him and his wife in 1989 had sold, again purchased. Then Mrs. Dagmr about 90 thousand pounds rent paid to live in this house, a house that today is worth 200 thousand pounds. He is now at the age of 63 years by paying £ 420 a month, one-bedroom apartment in Weston Svprmarajarh and happy again. In those years he and his wife lost their jobs and were re-worked and not only cost much Rftvamdhayshan but also their home loan installment had been paid was delayed. Living conditions were so difficult for them to continue their married life was in danger. As a result of the loss of homes, their lives will be calmer. Tenants also for him also yielded some positive points, such as more choice in where they live and solve the problems of water and electricity by the landlord.

I'm not willing to participate in the program will follow me.

I thought I'd reached with the homeowner financial security in retirement, but life went this way. Ben Jones is another English citizen in 1996 near the Daguerre Nvblh a two-bedroom house with terrace in the center of Oxford was worth 80 thousand pounds. He was three years ago at the age of 50 fish for 4 Hzarpvnd home loan installment was paid, and now he owns a house worth 525 thousand pounds. He says, I renters but I was given the job that the nest was in need of a home. Although high rates of mortgage interest and 67 thousand pounds, a huge sum at the time was, but it seems to have done the right thing, especially after hearing housing prices in recent years and a heavy debt that people have to pay for the homeowner.

Ben Jones says, "I bought this house for life and never do not look at it as an investment."another English citizens, with an area of ​​140 square meters near Old Street Jonathan know a house in central London in 1996 to buy about 218 thousand pounds. The house months ago, about 5/1 million pounds valuation is. Jonathan in 1996, later working in Abu Dhabi at the age of 30, he returned to London and decided the money was collected to buy a house. According to his apartment in central London shopping street cafes and supermarket workers were just huge risk he did with all the capital and may be coming down housing prices in the UK with assets worth less. But due to the recession was likely the last few years housing prices suddenly becomes too high and never buy a house, although he did not wear guess so housing prices go up.

In 1999, he was climbing property prices 90 thousand pounds of capital release and in the streets of London Street by street supermarket network established and managed over them to expand. He was able in 2004 after the birth of a house in East London Dalstvn in the amount of 150 thousand pounds to 750 thousand pounds to buy it from capital paid his old apartment. After moving into a new home for 10 years with his old rented house £ 2,500 fish. He not only used about a million pounds of profit housing loans, but now his house is worth 2 million pounds. He says: Although my children will have a secure future but I am worried that with so much work new generation will not be able to buy a home. The government needs to build public housing housing housing prices lower so that young people have purchasing power because London had become a city without resides.